Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Kickstarter Award Annoucement and Details

The time for our annual Kickstarter is quickly approaching and this year we'll be raising funds for Terror in the Skies and MOMO: The Missouri Monster. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the involvement of On the Trail of Bigfoot in this year’s Kickstarter. It WILL be a part of the Kickstarter as a reward and more than likely a poster or two will be included as a reward.

However, the project has already been funded so we won’t be including it in the title of the Kickstarter description since that would be a little disingenuous. BUT you’ll have to back in the first 7 days to get your name in the credits (be sure to attend our Facebook Event Page so you get reminders!) Check out the trailer below!

We'll be announcing rewards included in this Kickstarter (aside from the DVDs, of course) over the few weeks. We're excited to announce that the official STM Crew Member Hat is FINALLY a part of the swag you can get when you become a backer. Don’t forget, the campaign launches on Kickstarter on February 7th! We'll be kicking it off with a launch party live from our new production office. Be sure to tune into Facebook or Instagram so you can join us as we talk about the upcoming productions, rewards, and other behind the scenes fun.

Not sure how Kickstarter works? The most important thing to keep in mind is that our Kickstarters are NOT a donation. The funds that we raise get funneled back into our productions and the rewards backers receive. We work very hard to make sure that backers receive the most bang for their buck and that we're coming up with cool new ideas for rewards each year.

Remember, we can’t make movies without you!

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